Mid Sussex Golf Club

Golf For All

Golf has been classed as an old/stuffy image and unless we attempt to change things then the sport will suffer. We are passionate about what we do and want to change the way golf is perceived firstly in Sussex and then the country. Jadey is an inspiration to us – he wanted to prove this was achievable along with us and his character we have loved every minute of it. The putter has taken 6 attempts to make and a special thank you must go to John Shipley from Smith Metal Fabrics in Newhaven for making the design as light as possible and with extra leverage to make the motion easier for Jadey.   

It possibly would have taken four attempts but Jadey decided to tell us he was left handed on our fourth attempt!! (once again his character shone through!)

Mid Sussex Golf club like many golf clubs have a recognized charity through each year and after Andrew and myself speaking with the current captains of each section mentioned we would like to raise money for local charities and AITC fits the bill perfectly with what we are trying to achieve at our Golf Club.

We would love to organise for some of Jadey’s friends to come up for a 9 hole putting competition (once Jadey has practiced some more as he would like a head start)

For others that are more fortunate than Jadey and do not require a wheel chair we have a 9 holes short course at only 1083 yards par 35. This has kindly been sponsored by Porsche Centre Mid Sussex with the appropriate scorecards and hole markers – this is a great way to get new golfers onto the golf course sooner. 

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