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The Custom Fit Facility

We make it so easy for you to buy the right clubs! We are committed to ensuring that our customers select the correct new clubs to enhance their specific swing characteristics, strength and build.
Option 1   We stock hundreds of trial clubs from the major manufacturers in all the various lie and shaft option. Our customers are welcome to purchase a bucket of balls and try the manufacturer of their choice and unaccompanied on the range, although the trial clubs available for this will only be in regular lie and shaft.

Option 2  To guarantee that your new clubs are absolutely fitted to your swing we highly recommend our computerised club fitting service.  Aided by the FLIGHTSCOPE SYSTEM , one of our qualified P.G.A staff will guide you through the process step by step to determine the correct shaft flex and kick point, design of head, length of club and grip size to enhance your swing characteristics. After each shot the computer will state ball speed, distance carried, ball spin, club head speed, face angle and much more. A £30.00 charge will apply.

Two new Custom Fit Bays at Mid Sussex Golf

Flightscope Technology

The two brand new Custom Fit Bays are used extensively on a daily basis and therefore a consultation needs to be booked and a £30.00 deposit is required at the time of booking which unfortunately cannot be refunded for a cancellation unless at least 48 hours notice is given.  Now Lets Discuss Price!  - We are in the business of selling large volumes of clubs and we keep a close eye on the market place checking prices. With the advent of the dreaded internet it is easy for any of us to search for the lowest U.K price and act accordingly. We are, and have always been, very competitive but if you are just looking for the cheapest price we are not your port of call. If you require the very best level of service with highly qualified P.G.A Professionals who care about the business and are passionate about you acquiring clubs that will enhance your swing, using the latest computer analysis technology and offering great prices, then this is the perfect place for you to visit.

Flightscope Technology

Flightscope Technology at Mid Sussex Golf Excellent custom fit facility Analysis of your shot Ball flight Data unique to your golf swing

Custom Golf Club Fitting FlightScope enables us to gather data about your equipment to determine where it is efficient in performance. The fantastic FlightScope launch monitor accurately records the ball’s flight, giving true spin and launch data, unlike outdated launch monitor technology which only measures one or two camera stills at impact. FlightScope also measures club head flight path for a significant portion of it's travel and hence can provide far more data than just club head speed near the strike point. In fact, it can determine the speed profile of the club prior and post the strike point and can therefore claim to be one of the most accurate methods in determining true club strike speed From a few reference shots FlightScope will measure the club head speed, shot shape and other data related to the golfer’s performance and capability. This data, combined with the club fitter’s knowledge base, are then used to select suitable clubs to improve golf swing & the golfer’s performance. Final club selection follows optimizing the launch conditions and comparative testing using FlightScope as the evaluation tool. 

  • FlightScope can be used to fit both Drivers + Irons
  • FlightScope is one of the most accurate trajectory model providers in the world
  • Bookings need to be made for 1 hour   
  • Cost is £30 for a one hour session on the flightscope monitor and a P.G.A professional

For all your golf coaching and equipment requirements call our team Tel: (01273) 846567  

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